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  • 2016 Nissan Titan XD 5.6L V8 Gas Engine

    Yes the Nissan Titan XD their biggest but not quite that big pickup. It’s bigger than the new Titan which is coming soon by the way in nearly every dimension. The Titan exiting. Still a little ways off 3 quarter ton sides. It’s marketed as 3 quarter ton capability with half ton maneuverability and. And […]

  • Honda Odyssey 2009 – Car Review

    New hunt Odyssey office good looks nice drive space for 7 and advanced safety features, and it’s already considered the most how like people mover on the market. Hundreds 2.4 liter double overhead cam 5 basic engine coupled to a 5 speed automatic transmission provides up to 132 kilowatts of power talk to 0 I […]

  • Brake Pad Inspection

    We’re going to wait to properly specter breaks you can listen and you can look listen to the sound with the squealing noise from the center touching the rotor or you don’t have to take the tires off and actually look at the facts no way you can look deceive the pads are Warner not […]

  • Bridgestone DriveGuard is the product of the year

    The British journal “Auto Express” has nominated the tires “Bridgestone DriveGuard” with the technology Run-Flat “Product of the Year 2016”. As noted by “Auto Express”, the main requirement to the nominee for the best product was the innovativeness, and not just the performance. The winners in the contest are the products that can somehow change […]

  • Touratech Motocicle accessories, spares

    The company Touratech is one of leaders on the market of motor-spares and motor-accessories. It was made possible thanks to the high quality of its products, as well as an extensive dealer network. It all began with a man named Herbert Schwartz. Engineer by profession, he was very fond of motorcycle travel on the furthest […]

  • Automobile lamps

    Every driver knows that he is doomed sooner or later be faced with such a problem, as the burnt-out bulb. And to return to the issue as little as possible, you need to learn to choose to replace them correctly. First, you need to understand what the lamps are suitable for your machine. For this […]

  • Inventions that changed the world: the bearing

    Inventions that changed the world: the bearing. It may seem that the bearings is a product rich in technological inventions of the 18th century, because commencement of commercial production and sale of rolling bearings, resembling modern samples started from this time. This element, which provides a soft rotation of nodes was included in the design […]

  • The brake system of the car

    The brake system of the car. Control, inspection and maintenance Control, inspection and maintenance Braking system in a car is recommended to check weekly. The check consists viewing overall level of brake fluid in the reservoir, because it has to be filled under the cover. Also, before each departure is desirable to inspect the system […]