Brake Pad Inspection

We're going to wait to properly specter breaks you can..

Brake Pad Inspection

We’re going to wait to properly specter breaks you can listen and you can look listen to the sound with the squealing noise from the center touching the rotor or you don’t have to take the tires off and actually look at the facts no way you can look deceive the pads are Warner not just take the wheel off because you can’t look in here and say all on the brakes doesn’t work that way gothic attire off to check the brakes properly. This system here is our rear wheel drive vehicle both rear wheel drive vehicles have a hub rotor assembly like this they have an inner and an intern our bearings inside this club. These banks have to come. Thought at Rose been Surface.

Brake Pad InspectionWe will have from Dr. She wrote her some. People rewrote drive via. If you’ll see a rotor so. Little Messier. The difference. What you wanna look for when you’re inspecting. Obviously most importantly. You look at the if the vehicle. Has a hole here The look in. Center part of the in. So take the rotor and turn out like this. And then that is. Extinguishes the different putting the rotor and the path and you will look to make sure they’re wearing ear.

Sometimes brake pads be wore out down here before here that’s an indication your brakes are where Nichols. This is what a good Pat looks like this is a brand new been ex Pat got plenty aligning persist bill to go 50000 miles on the set of brake pads. This is a war out there pads almost completely gone this customer only has a couple 0 miles left before the break traction metal to metal. Brake pads have a metal piece. And then they have the padding itself you see the difference in the 2 paths Harley any Pat left you see the metal but no Pat left compare to this.

On the outer pad you won’t do the same thing inspect out a pad decision did the and a pad you’re looking at the thickness of the actual padded so don’t get confused and include the metal part of the pad. Different issues you can have is the caliber season up to break those. Going bad meaning the rubber inside the breakers here action theory can come apart and actually block the line. The only other issue is brake rotors be in war because our break pull station even a pulling issue sometimes. Base that’s how you check your brake pads anything other than that you need to see a professional check your pads check all 4 wheels when checking your pads bore you brake shoes and if you have any other issues find a good vessel if you can trust and let them take a look at 40.

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